Waxing Treatments

australian-bodycareTea Tree wax is gentle on the skin and helps to prevent ingrown hairs. Great for stubborn, tougher hairs with less reaction after waxing. Tea Tree is a natural antiseptic and there are many benefits.

What Are The Benefits?

The Australian Aborigines were the first to unearth the benefits of Tea Tree long ago when they began to harvest the leaves for their medicinal use. Tea Tree oil products are now increasingly sought after as extensive scientific studies over recent years have shown it to be effective against bacterial and other microbial organisms.

WaxingHalf leg. £14.00
Three quarter leg. £18.00
Full leg. £23.00
Full leg/Bikini. £27.00
Half arm. £14.00
Full arm. £19.00
Three quarter Arm. £16.00
Under arm. £7.00
Bikini line. from £8.00
Lip. £8.00
Chin. £8.00
Eyebrows. £8.00
Lip/chin. £12.00
Stomach. £10.00

Specialist waxing

Brazilian Waxing

A basic bikini wax only removes the hair that is visible outside of your normal underwear. A Brazilian wax removes hair from the front, back and everywhere in between leaving only a thin strip. £20.00

Hollywood Hollywood wax removes all pubic hair, from front to back and in between! £25.00

Suggested After Care

We recommend Australian Tea tree hand and body lotion ask your therapist for details. If you suffer from that dreadful in-growing hair try our Australian ingrowing hair serum.